Protect FreedomEvery day, we are asked, “I know there is a Muslim problem in our Country, I do not know much about it but, what do I do about it? It seems so complex” So, why didn't we see the warning signs? We believe that you have been uninformed - from the classroom to the newsroom to the courtroom to the art room to the war room. Nowhere is this more evident than when F-16 aircraft were scrambled to fly over Washington DC, on 9/11. An alarmed pilot said, "The Russians hit us!" His statement came 10 years after the Cold War ended. The culture of understanding this threat against America needs to be addressed.

Patriot Symposiums has put together a program with a team of experts who effectively address the issues. Without knowing or understanding the problem, we can do nothing. In other words, our first task is to inform. Our symposium exposes the facts of Islam and Shari’a and then we introduce and equip people to fight for the hearts of Muslims.

This is a very difficult subject because of the political climate of our culture and the interlacing of government (Shari'a) and religion (Islam). We must be fact based. Our goal is to stop the spread of Shari’a in our Country. Our love for Muslims DEMANDS we speak the truth about Islam. 

The Muslim Brotherhood goal is to establish Sharia in the US.The Muslim Brotherhood is a real and present danger to the world and especially to the United States. We are the “kufars”, the infidels who, according to Mohamed, having the authority of Alah, are to be either wiped from the face of the earth or subjugated to Sharia. Shari'a is legal dogma that all Muslims are bound to establish throughout the world and applies to all people, both Muslims and all others. Shari'a does not respect or have individual liberties, has no "inalienable rights to people given by the Creator", enforces the will of Allah and is based on the Quran and the Hadith. Shari'a is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States. Shari' is seditious.

All Islamic countries, with Sharia are ruled by dictators, monarchs or juntas because liberty is in direct conflict of the laws and principles of Shari'a. The founders of our great nation, the United States, knew that all previous governments throughout the world were either anarchist or tyrannical and few, if any, established law based on Christian/Judeo principles. Neither was acceptable to these great men.

There was no “Right” or “Left” as we have come to misrepresent today. The two extremes were Tyranny and Anarchy. The middle was a government as far from Tyranny and as far from Anarchy as possible. That government was a Democratic Republic that makes all men created equal, liberty. The Federalist Papers show all the arguments waged during those formative years before writing the Constitution. They knew, real success lies with the people. But, they feared one thing.

The only way to preserve individual liberties and to keep the people free was to have an educated responsible electorate. Unless people are guided by Christian/Judeo beliefs and values, holding their leaders accountable, their liberties would be eroded and eventually eliminated. 

We are faced with two real and present dangers to those principles. The first is a Godless society, Socialism/Communism, or the more politically correct, “secular society” where by definition, there are no individual liberties. There is no moral right, there is no moral wrong. Everything is relative and determined by people. Ultimately, everything leads to “might makes right” or mobocracy. This has failed in every country everywhere it has been tried.

The other danger is the Muslim Brotherhood imposing Sharia. If either of these take root it will become the end to all freedom and liberty. The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization founded in 1928 in Egypt and established in the US in 1963 to eliminate all Jewish and Christian civilizations. Below is the actual quotation taken directly from their own dogma: 

    "The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s [Allah] religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Shari'a covers all aspects of life including criminal law, domestic law, contract law, statecraft and warfare (Jihad). Shari'a encompasses personal ethics and legal issues, religion and state governance. It regulates belief, speech and religious practice. Shari'a and the state are not distinct. They are one.The Muslim Brotherhood is absolutely committed to establish the forceful imposition of this theocracy, Shari'a, to the United States and replace our Constitution. This is seditious and MUST be stopped. Watch the video below and here from the experts...







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