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We hear daily reports of “radical Islam” and its violent behavior. This term is the politically correct way of saying, “I oppose violence but don’t want to solve the problem.” We have good news, there is no such thing as radical Islam and, Shari’a is not part of any radical entity. Sound a bit naive?

Actually, it’s true – “radical Islam” is a misnomer. The truth is all Muslims are obligated to the installation of Shari’a everywhere. What differentiates Muslims is how they choose to support the process. Some use their finances, others use political influence. Still others make a statement by strapping on bombs and walking into a crowd. Many are silent and tithe. They all share the same goal, the elimination of infidels and complete subjugation of all non-Muslims to Shari’a. (See Qur'an)The most insidious threat comes from those who use our own freedoms (STEALTH) to implement Shari’a.

We have a four part strategy to slow or stop the expansion of Shari’a, turn back this tidal wave and reach out to Muslims.

First, educate as many people as possible to the truth of Shari’a.

Second, train and encourage participants to identify and expose Shari’a.

Third, train and encourage men and women of faith to witness to Muslims.

Fourth, formulate Legal precedent to defeat Shari’a wherever it holds sway - in the Courts, Schools, or public or private institutions.

Our educational Symposiums are in two parts and held mostly at churches. Part One features nationally recognized speakers, experts in their fields, factually based. This is followed with a session on what we, as ordinary citizens can do to slow and stop the spread of Shari’a.  Part Two on day two we have an expert teaching on witnessing to Muslims.
In addition to our Educational Symposiums we have regular and special training classes throughout the country coordinated with the Symposiums. They are specifically targeted to train and encourage ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things in their local communities to identify and expose Shari'a. We also train politicians and/or people of political influence to better understand the problem and discuss political solutions to implement locally and nationally.

We need your help. We need people that reject passivity, who take responsibility and who lead courageously. These are troubling times. If you would like to help bring out the truth about Shari’a and what to do about it, then we would like the opportunity to talk with you. Please contact us call 440-628-3040.


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