The Threat of Islam

Three Things You need to Know...


Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups
& Affiliated Organizations in the USA

First Generation Muslim Student Association (recruiters)
Second Generation North American Islamic Trust (financiers)
Third Generation Islamic Society of North America
(public face 300 Muslim organizations)

Institute of Islamic Information and Education
(convict radicalization)

Muslin American Society
(anti-Israel / anti-Jewish activist lobbying arm)

Fiqh Council of North America
(Amana Mutual funded; address legal / judicial issues)

Well, we already have statutes on the books against sedition. Support for shariah is sedition and under existing law, can be prosecuted as such....yes, willing prosecutors and judges must be found....but believe me, they exist - and I know some. This is not a First Amendment issue whatsoever -- because Islam is not a religion.  It is a wholistic legal-military-political system for totalitarian control of society.


No, support for shariah is not tantatmount to terrorism. It is seditious. And yes, many, many Muslim Brotherhood figures and imams such as Faisal Rauf have already spoken openly, unequivocably, and repeatedly in support of replacing the constitution with shariah. That is already prosecutable.  


Unfortunately, though, entities of the USG itself are also involved in open advocacy of shariah....for instance, the Treasury Dept. when it sends delegations to U.S. banks/financial institutions to advise them on how to implement Shariah-Compliant-Financing. That is seditious. And they have already been charged with a lawsuit pursuant to the same - brought by the Thomas More Law is ongoing.


Also, you may have heard about states that are beginning to pass laws that prohibit any alien legal system to be allowed influence in their state's legal system (aimed at shariah, but broadly inclusive of any alien law). OK, LA, and others already have begun the process.


Alarmingly, shariah is already into our court system: you may have heard about the NJ judge who, last year, ruled against a Muslim woman seeking a restraining order against her abusive husband who had beaten and raped her repeatedly. The U.S. judge in a U.S. courtroom denied the woman's request because the couple were both Muslim and Islamic law permits both the husband beating his wife and marital rape. This actually happened in 2009. Luckily (this time), the ruling was overturned on appeal.....but if we think it can't happen here, and is not happening already, we're not paying attention. But there's no massive outcry from the citizenry because it's a lot more subtle than outright support for Muslim family executions ("honor killings").


One more example of how it's happening: when the NCTC, DHS, FBI, etc. all published official lexicons within last 2 yrs. for dealing with Islamic terrorism, and when the DoD issued its final report on the Ft. Hood attack, they each and every one excised any mention of Islam, jihad, Caliphate, or the linkage between Islamic doctrine and Islamic terrorism.  What does that mean, in effect?  It means that the USG national security community has come into compliance with shariah law on slander.  We are effectively slipping under shariah before anyone even realizes what's happening.


The moment any one of these, official USG or regular citizen, expresses support for shariah over the Constitution, US laws already have been broken - and we need to emphasize that to everyone and anyone who will listen. Otherwise, we could wake up like the UK one day and find ourselves under shariah law.

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